Stop Wasting Time And Start Closing!

 Plant Powered Automation helps sales people, business owners, and agencies turn prospects into sales.

Our funnels automatically qualify leads,  capture their info, and book appointments for you. Our industry leading conversion rates, combined with one-click booking technology, and our automated appointment algorithm converts 40%-68% of cold leads on autopilot!

Automated 3 Channel Follow Up

 Lets face it… Leads dont always respond the first time. 

 Now you dont have to be a mind reader to know if the prospect wants you to text, email, or voicemail. Our system will automatically do all 3 for you. All you have to do is be ready for the lead to talk with you when they are ready.
Plant Powered Automation includes:
  • Instant effortless setup
  • 3 channel follow-up (Email, SMS, Voicemails)
  • Mobile app
  • Easy team management and lead distribution
  • Advanced reporting
  • Mass lead importing
  • Mass message broadcast
  • Automated outbound sequences (Emails, Texts, Voicemails)
  • Forced calling
  • Auto dialer
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