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We invented Reputation Management

Your online reputation acts as a trust signal, determining whether or not prospects will do business with you. According to a University of Technology Sydney study, most consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service from a company with an excellent online reputation. To establish your thought-leadership brand and gain better online recognition, whether you own or manage a small business, Fortune 500 company, or multi-location firm, you must maintain a positive online reputation. That is what online reputation management allows you to do. Reputation management is safeguarding an individual’s, company’s, or organization’s online reputation for shaping public perception. Internet reputation management ensures that when people search for your brand online, they find suitable materials.

Is Your Company Being Represented Fairly Online?

According to statistics, nine out of ten consumers read online reviews before making a purchase, and nearly 62 percent will not purchase from a company that censors business reviews.Don’t let a single negative comment or fake customer review ruin your online reputation. Profit from goal-driven reputation management services and learn how to get more Google and other platform reviews. Plant Powered Marketing is one of the top reputation management companies, providing custom reputation management services tailored to your specific branding and goals. Connect with our reputation management firm and let us show you how to get more reviews while also streamlining your brand reputation management



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